Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

The Microsoft Azure Cloud is already a part of our daily lives! You may or may not know but most businesses are already using some sort of cloud-based technology. Maybe even your own! These days, most apps are stored on cloud servers. If your business has an app then it is probably stored in the Cloud.

There are many reasons for moving to the cloud. These include:

  • Cost
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Better Security
  • Reliability
  • Easier Collaboration between employees
  • Ability to Work from anywhere

Cost of Moving to the Cloud

Most businesses will save money by moving to the cloud. This is because the information generated by the company has to be stored on expensive equipment. This equipment also has to be kept up to date and maintained.

However, when you store your information on the Cloud, you don’t need these devices. This reduces your costs. It also means that you don’t have to buy equipment for information storage that you may not need for several years. Cloud storage is very easy to scale up or down which means you are not paying for something you are not using!

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Depending on a computer or a server to store your data IS a disaster waiting to happen. Hard drives fail as we all know. Trying to get information back from one of these can be expensive, time consuming and not necessarily successful! There are also other disasters such as fire, floods and theft.

When you are using a device that backs up to the cloud automatically disaster recovery is as simple as hooking a new device up to your account. You will have practically no delay in getting back up and running.

Better Security in the Cloud

Every device that stores your company’s sensitive information is a security risk. If any laptop, tablet or phone that has sensitive information or contact details that your competitors would love to have is lost it is a major security scare.

But not if you store your information on the Cloud!

When you store information on the Cloud you have complete control over who sees it. Employee loses their laptop? No problem! You can use the Cloud to remotely wipe the information before it can be seen.

Want to only allow certain people to see certain information?

Different logins can be set up to decide who gets to see what. This controls the amount of access that employees have to areas of information they don’t need to do their jobs.

Worried about the Cloud servers? Data centres that belong to Microsoft Azure are designed with security in mind. Everything is monitored and staff are highly trained. This year (as in previous years) Microsoft will invest over $1 Billion in cybersecurity.


Due to the level of hardware and software redundancy, you are protected from loss of data. In the event of failure, the self-healing systems start to work immediately and disaster recovery is handled by the Cloud. A test drive can be organised before completing your move to the Cloud. There are no overly long contracts so it is easy to move to a different alternative. Much more cost efficient than buying long-term or upfront licences and investing in hardware to run it.

Integration With Everything

Cloud Services often have integrations with other services. This can be a big money saver when you need to add one of these services to your system.

Some examples would be:

A project management system: You can have automatic synchronisation of projects and tasks into other tasks based systems. You can have automatic date synchronisation using such apps as Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.

Point of Sales systems: Easily set up automatic synchronisation of your products and stock with your Ecommerce shop.

Email & Marketing Systems: Automatic synchronisation of contacts from and to CRMs.

Online Web Forms: Automatic synchronisation of sales leads into a CRM

Social Media: Automatically publish blogs to your social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

These are just an example of a small section of the benefits of Cloud Integration. Explored to its full there is the potential for huge savings.

Easier Collaboration between employees

Communications between employees can sometimes be difficult due to distance even when they are in the same location. A lot of the time they are depending on emails or chat programs. OK for some things but as I am sure you are aware in others it just kills time.

When you share a cloud program it is possible for employees to be working on the same document/project at the same time even continents apart. Even away from their computers the can normally access these documents while on the move using their mobile devices. This makes their life simpler and them more productive!

Ability to Work from Anywhere

Not only does the ability to access documents improve employee collaboration, it is good for everyone. With everything uploaded to the Cloud, it is easy to keep track of your employees progress in real time. It simplifies scheduling meetings or approving or asking for changes in real time. The best thing is that you can do this from anywhere – from the local shop to an international convention thousands of miles away. With the Cloud, there is just so much more flexibility to the workplace.


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