Optionsdesk Portfolio Manager is a complete software package providing comprehensive portfolio management on a wide range of investments. If you are an investment advisor, professional portfolio manager, or a sophisticated investor, this product is ideal for you.

Our goal is to provide the smart investor the tools that will help them achieve success in the market for the long-term.

Main Features of the System
Key Benefits
  • Maintain Multiple Accounts and Portfolios
  • Records the Following Transactions:
    • Stock Trades
    • Option trades
    • Dividends
    • Cash in/out
    • Fees
    • Stock/Option Splits
    • Stock/Options Transfer in/Out
    • Interest Income/Expense
    • Options Expire/Exercise
  • Options/Shares Strategy wizard
  • Options/Shares What-If Scenarios
  • Theoretical options price and options Greek Calculations
  • Comprehensive Reporting module
  • Update portfolios with live quotes over the Internet
  • Allow Paper Trading
  • Watch list facility with updated live quotes
  • Options portfolio management module
  • Complete portfolio management with support for unlimited portfolios and investment accounts
  • Trade options and shares
  • Interfaces available to retrieve live quotes
  • Completed general ledger accounting module
  • Reporting engine with over 25+ reports to manage your investment
  • Scenario evaluation and back testing your trades
  • Trade diaries and reminders
  • Trade strategy simulations with comprehensive graphs
  • Determine annualized and total return on each trade and investments


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